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2021 Arirang TV's international broadcast of K-UNBOXING
AJU cosmetic was designated as a representative company of K-beauty
Acquisition of AJU cosmetic co., Ltd, 'Smart Manufacturing Platform Advancement Level' by SMEs-Smart Manufacturing Innovation Planning Korea
Aju Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Namdong-gu District Office's leading precedent donation to vulnerable groups
Aju Cosmetics Co., Ltd precedent donation to the Incheon branch of Miral Welfare Foundation
We made an agreement with Russia, St. Petersburg's overseas branch
2020 2020 Vietnam Hanoi Beautycare Expo
January 2020 Vie–––tnam Hanoi Beauty Care Exhibition Sponsored
by the General Welfare Center for the Disabled in Incheon
2020 Selected as one of the Incheon Top 6 Best Companies
Our brand "BXXXY' entered to Dongwha Duty Free
Our brand "BXXXY' entered to Lotte Mart
Our brand "BXXXY' entered to Hyundai Department Store
Our brand "BXXXY' entered to Homeplus
Incheon Namdong-gu Awarded as Best Workers' Commendation
2020 APEC Small and Medium Venture Business Smart Manufacturing Innovation Company Selection
Award from Korea International Trade Association for $1 million in exports with “Export Tower”
Ministry of SMEs and Startups award of "Manufacturing Innovations"
Designated as ‘Promising SBEs of Incheon City’
2019 Awarded the Excellent Entrepreneur award (January.2nd.2019)
Participated in Beauty Asia Singapore 2019
Awarded the Minister of Excellence Prize of Smart Factory in 2019
Participated in Cosmo Beauty Vietnam 2019
Participated in Cosmo Beauty Seoul 2019
Participation in International Beauty Expo 2019 (Malaysia)
2018 Minister Jongjak HONG visited Aju Cosmetic
Extension Work of Aju Cosmetic Company
Participated in 2018 Beauty Professional Malaysia
Participated in 2018 Cosmo Beauty Viet Nam
Certified as Inno-Bix
Participation in 2018 Cosmo Beauty Asia Malaysia
Participation in 2018 InterCHARM Ukraine
Participation in 2019 InterCHARM Beauty EXPO Korea
Cosmetics & Beauty Expo, Osong Korea 2018
Awarded by Korea Academic Cultural Exchange Association (November)
Joined Small and medium Business Corporation Global Futures Club (November-22nd)
Apply the International intellectual property rights_Trademark_Thailand (BURIEL / BXXXY)
Designated company for military service exemption
2017 Certified with ISO 22716
Participated in 2017 Beauty Professional Malaysia
Participated in 2017 Cosmobeaute Vietnam and Myanmar
Chosen as a High-Growth Company, 2017
Indonesia Color Cosmetics, Conclusion of Contract
Participated in 2017 Beyond Beauty Asean Bangkok
2016 Increased investment on equipment (Large equipment)
Developed and exported wrinkle removers
Participated in Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Selected as business with strengthening export capacity for 3 consecutive years
Expanded market in Vietnam and Southeast Asia
Developed and exported CC Cushion
Developed Cushion Brusher
Developed Sun Stick
Developed Matt Lip Mousse, Sun Powder Stick, Sun Color Stick
2015 Moved and expanded main office of AJU Cosmetic Co., Ltd.
Moved and expanded manufacturing facilities and factory (Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon)
Participated in Hong Kong International Cosmetics Exhibition
Developed new version of Delay Hair
Selected as Excellent technology company by IBK Industrial Bank
Selected as Promising Export Company by Small and Medium Business Administration
Selected as business with strengthening export capacity and reinforced export operations, expanding market to 12 countries
Export to Philippine, Russia and Turkey branches
2014 Selected as business with strengthening export capacity and reinforced export operations, expanding
market to 9 countries
Participated in Hong Kong International Cosmetics Exhibition
Thai branches SOLA, MAXIM and MCP, conclusion of contracts and export goods
Signed agreement with Woori Trade and supplied products
Signed agreement with aesthetic consumer product companies and supplied products
2013 Moved and expanded manufacturing factory and facilities (Nonhyeon-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon)
Obtained license and certification for manufacturing and distributing
Adopted latest equipment and completed implementing small quantity & multiproduct production facilities
Established AJU Cosmetic Co., Ltd. R&D center
Obtained ISO 9001, 14001 certifications (Excellent Venture Company)
Signed agreement to develop and manufacture 120 types of products specialized for spa
Signed R&D and manufacturing agreement with companies specialized in atopic dermatitis treatment,
health improvement, and organic products
Signed OEM and ODM with domestic and foreign companies as well as conducted continuous
manufacturing, supplying, and exporting
2012 Developed and supplied medical high-frequency cream
Exported and domestically sold dual function BB cream for hospitals and clinics
Manufactured and supplied (OEM) aesthetic cosmetics for hospitals and clinics
Manufactured and exported a line of women's skin care products to Southeast Asia
Changed its name and established AJU Cosmetic Co., Ltd.
2011 Exported women's skin care products to Vietnam
Deliver basic skin care products to domestic and international hotel chains
Developed and supplied hair & body cleansers for seniors
Completed developing men's hair & body cleansers
2010 Exported BB creams to India and Southeast Asia
Exported BB cream cleansers and serums to China
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications
2009 Cosmetics manufacturing registration (OEM, ODM) and factory expansion
Launched 40 new functional cosmetics for hospitals
Launched 10 new functional cosmetics
Acquired certifications on functional cosmetics and initiated the production
Participated in Cosmetic Expo 2009 with several products
PPC cosmetics, stem cell products, placenta cosmetics (ampoule, cream, emulsion)
OEM, ODM Research & Development, Production
Exported facial mask sheet packs to Japan
2008 Researched on badger oil extraction for acne improvement
Researched and developed herbal extracts for atopic dermatitis / Research and developed cordyceps extract
Established strategic partnership with Konkuk University laboratory, Bio Medicos
Established partnership with Child Verse village in Eumseong for atopic dermatitis clinic camp
Started exporting products to the U.S. and Southeast Asia. Acquired certifications on functional
cosmetics and initiated the production
Participated in Cosmetic Expo 2008
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  • Corporate name : Ajou Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
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  • Call : 032-433-1260
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